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Welcome to Food Allergy Friendly. We know that it can be difficult to find foods that allergy friendly and taste delicious. This is a resource to help in managing your diet restrictions.

The listing are created to be user friendly.  We have divided up foods by different categories (e.g milk-free or wheat-free) and plan to add more categories.  You can sort the table of products by name, type, etc.  On each page, we have the ingredients for each product for easy reference as well as manufacturer’s websites, and locations where the allergy-friendly products can be purchased.

Check out product listings for

Each table has search boxes at the top of the table to help narrow down choices.

Also find a epinephrine comparison table that has information about the the various available epinephrine autoinjectors: EpiPens, generics, and Auvi-Q

Important Notes:

  • Product ingredients can change over time, so ingredient listings here may not be up-to-date.  So always read the ingredient labels and/or check directly with the manufacturer about potential allergens.
  • Some products may have allergens that are shared on the same facility or on the same equipment.  If you need to avoid any possible cross-contact, you will need to check with the manufacturer if their products are appropriate for you.

Keep checking back!  We will continually add more information.

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