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Epinephrine Auto-Injectors – Information and Comparison of Brands

Do you know the differences between the different epinephrine autoinjector brands and coupons and discounts available for each?  The major brands are listed in the table below, and include EpiPen, Mylan Authorized generic epinephrine autoinjector, Auvi-Q, and Impax generic epinephrine autoinjector.  Each have different instructions on use, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the brand that you have.

Information includes doses available, links to instructional materials, and patient assistance programs.

Quick tip: Can’t find epinephrine autoinjectors at any pharmacy? EpiPen shortages are still being reported.  There are no reported shortages of Auvi-Q autoinjectors. These are sent by direct delivery to your address and are not available at brick and mortar pharmacies. Talk to your doctor if this may be appropriate for you.  See table below for more details on Auvi-Q.

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